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Omni Enabler is an industry first, enterprise grade platform, that provides seamless integration across all selling channels. Satisfy your customers’ needs, knowing what they want before-hand and provide them with tailored services for the experiences they’ll never forget.

Omni Enabler was built keeping in view the future business needs of Brands. The platform has been built on Service Oriented Architecture and comes loaded with all the key modules (such as Retail POS, Website, Mobile, Call Centre, Inventory, Loyalty, Offers Management, Campaigns Management, CRM) required for successful running of an Omni-Channel business.

Most Innovative Solution of the Year, 2016” by Microsoft ISV Award

Integrated Solution

Integrated front-end and back-end solution connected through a single database, providing a single view of data across all channels.

Omni Channel

Provides opportunity for the Brand to be available across all channels, be it - Retail, Website, Mobile, Call Centre, Social Media and Emails for an enhanced shopping experience.

Unified Customer View

Provides Marketing and Sales team with Single View of Customer and enable them to offer personalized offers and rewards.

Order Fulfilment

Empowers the Customer to 'Order from Anywhere' (such as Retail Store, Website, Mobile, Call Centre, Social Media and Emails etc.) and allow the brand to 'Fulfil from Anywhere' (such as E-Commerce Distribution Centres, Retail Distribution Centres and Retail Stores).


Allows the Brand to engage with Customers based on their shopping history, patterns and preferences.

Fully Customisable

Allows Module level customizations to help match the needs/processes, resulting faster buy-in from key stakeholders.

Our Solution

Single Database

Omni Enabler is driven on Single Database model, enforcing a unified process across all channels. It presents a single window of the data to facilitate easy backend management.

Service based Architecture

Our Service based Architecture supports the need of real-time information and processes to handle the dynamic ecosystems of the business, thus leading to single view of customer and data.

Web Stores

Our Front-end Web Store/Web-site is tried and tested to cater to overwhelming 60 million transactions per instance and 3 billion visitors.

Seamless Integration with ERP Systems

Omni Enabler can be integrated seamlessly with the brand’s existing ERP systems without any hindrance.

Integrated Point of sales terminal

Integrate the brand’s existing POS and get real time data on stock and sales from retail stores. Thus, allowing brand to respond to customer needs effortlessly through a single window.

Big Data Capability

Omni Enabler facilitates large data sets to be analysed to reveal patterns, trends and associations relating to the customers and their interactions to develop strategies accordingly.

Native Mobile Apps

With our readily available native mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows platforms get ready to provide enhanced experience to the customers.

Purchase Management

Omni Enabler’s mantra is to enhance the ability of brands to provide visibility into inventory across the supply chain to efficiently fulfil orders and meet customer demands.

Order Management

Automate and streamline your order processing by providing constant updates on inventory, customer data, order returns, refunds, billing and payments, etc.

Warehouse Management

Omni Enabler integrates existing warehousing systems with online and retail stores to manage inventory efficiently.

Offer Management

Omni Enabler allows brands to create, present and deliver personalized dynamic offers to each and every individual customer depending on their purchase history and patterns.

Loyalty Program

Omni Enabler structures loyalty programs which are designed exclusively for each and every customer to magnify sales and customer satisfaction.

Customer Relationship Management

With Omni Enabler, enhance the brand's CRM by employing best practices, strategies and technology to manage and analyse customer lifecycle.

Easy Setup

Omni Enabler can easily be implemented within 3 months across Websites, Mobile and Retail POS.

Analytics & Reporting

Omni Enabler take a leap ahead by making timely decisions by leveraging real-time insights of the business across all the selling channels.

Reverse Logistics

Omni Enabler gives power to your brand to handle real-time return requests by the customers. Our dedicated app facilitated for Order Return executives allows to accept returns and notify customers instantly.

Scalable Architecture

Our Scalable Architecture is trusted to handle all of the sudden work load on brand’s application and hardware by scaling up the system to meet the on demand requirements.

CDN Ready

Omni Enabler is CDN ready to offer higher availability, lower network latency and packet loss of the brands webstore and make it available at a click to the customer.

Field Tested

Our strong infrastructure gives businesses power to handle 60 million+ transactions per instance and 3 billion visitors per annum to provide uninterrupted services to the customers.


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